Learn About Libraries of Things

Imagine a place where you could check out tools and other home goods – garden power tools, bread makers, camping gear, –, literally thousands of items – just like you check out books from your public library?

What if….
You could borrow rather than buy, share rather than own?

What if…
That “Library of Things” were run as a non-profit, or as a branch of your local library, and that its services were free or extremely affordable?

What if…
That Library of Things also provided occasional do-it-yourself classes, and maybe even a workspace for those who don’t have the space to work on projects?

All this is already happening in Baltimore, Berkeley, and Boulder, and all over Portland, Seattle and Toronto and in over 100 cities across the US, Canada, Europe and the world.  Welcome to a true example of the real sharing economy.

Learn more about what libraries of thingss are.

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